Giveaway [Eng]

NFT GIVEAWAY for my Community

  • When you buy one of my NFTs, you’ll get a free one from this collection: Colorful love (#0 is listed, #1-19 are for free)
  • Mail me your choice and your wallet, so that I can send you your free asset
  • Now you are my Fan and part of my Community 🙂
  • If you don’t want to make any purchase, you can receive a free NFT following me on OpenSea and putting some likes to my artworks


  • You have to use Polygon chain, if you want to be sure to receive the asset
  • You can buy any of my artworks as NFT, just contact me and tell me which you want
  • If you give some “like” to my works on Opensea, you give me a great help
  • And please spread love by sharing this Giveaway the way you want!


Opensea Colorful love:
Opensea Collection 2:
Opensea Collection 3:
Opensea Collection 4:
Opensea Collection 5:
Opensea Collection 6:
Just take my heart (listed):